Consistent vs Inconsistent

Write dispense as written (DAW)a for UNITHROID to help ensure your patients receive the same medication with each refill.

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Know What Your Patients are Getting

Prescribing UNITHROID by name—and ensuring it is dispensed as written—provides assurance that:

  • Patients consistently receive the same levothyroxine preparation with every refill
  • You are always providing a brand-quality treatment that's affordable with Tier 1 copay coverage for many patients
  • Pharmacists by law cannot make substitutions you did not intend

UNITHROID is the only brand name levothyroxine preparation currently available with an AB1, AB2, and AB3 therapeutic equivalence rating1

aOr equivalent language in your state.

ATA/AACE Guidelines2:

  • Patients should be maintained on the same levothyroxine preparation
  • Patients who are switched to different levothyroxine preparations should have serum TSH retested after 4-8 weeks and have their dosage retitrated as needed

LT4=levothyroxine; ATA=American Thyroid Association; AACE=American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

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State DAW Laws

DAW Laws at the State Level

Follow your state-specific guidelines to ensure your patients’ UNITHROID prescriptions are filled as you intend.

Generic Substitution Law Key

Permissive: If prescription is not written to ensure UNITHROID is dispensed, generic substitution is permitted.1

Mandatory: If prescription is not written to ensure UNITHROID is dispensed, generic substitution is mandatory.1

Orange Book: Pharmacist must select a substitute product listed as therapeutically equivalent in the FDA Orange Book.1

Individual Determination: Pharmacist must select from a state drug formulary, typically narrowed down in the FDA Orange Book.31,32

Professional Judgment: In the pharmacist’s professional judgment, the substituted drug is therapeutically equivalent and interchangeable to the prescribed drug.13

Patient Consent: Patient notification and/or consent is required to substitute.1

Considerations for other prescribing methods

  • Generally, e-prescriptions should mirror language used on written prescriptions
  • Depending on the e-prescribing software, you may need to take additional steps to indicate that a generic should not be substituted. For example, you may need to uncheck a default “substitutions allowed” box or click a pop-up to confirm that you intend to prescribe a brand-name product
  • Orally communicated prescriptions should use the same language required for written or electronic prescriptions
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Quality and Heritage

Consistently Delivering High-Quality Therapy

No History of Recalls

UNITHROID has been manufactured reliably for more than 13 years with no recalls or gaps in availability.1,2

Quality Manufacturing

Since its introduction, UNITHROID has continued to be manufactured in the same facility to help ensure consistency and quality of product with strict adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMPs).3

UNITHROID is listed as a verified levothyroxine preparation in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

Made in USA

UNITHROID is produced exclusively in Bohemia, NY.

Gluten Free

Unlike some branded levothyroxine products—and various generic brands—UNITHROID is 100% gluten free, which may make it an appropriate treatment choice for your patients with a known or suspected gluten intolerance.1


UNITHROID is the first FDA-approved levothyroxine sodium, USP product indicated for hypothyroidism and has been continually manufactured since 2000 without any recalls.1,2,4

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