$3 Co-Pay

Branded Therapy at a Low Cost

Affordability at the start...

When you prescribe UNITHROID, you can consistently provide high-quality treatment for hypothyroidism that is affordable, with a $3 Co-Pay for most commercially insured patients filling a 30 day prescription.

...for cost savings that continue throughout the course of treatment

Dose adjustments may be needed based on TSH testing, which must be performed each time there is a switch in levothyroxine preparations.1

  • Additional TSH determinations can generate added costs that some patients may not be able to afford

Pay only $3 for your branded UNITHROID prescription.

Click here for details $3 Unithroid Co-Pay.

Patients who are switched to different levothyroxine preparations should have serum TSH retested after 4-8 weeks and have their dosage retitrated as needed.1

— ATA/AACE Guidelines

ATA=American Thyroid Association; AACE=American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

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